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Well, where to start... I have many interests and hobbies, probably too many, I never seem to get much done. One of my main interests is furry. Most of the things I do have something to do with furry in some fashion. I also enjoy animation, especially Disney's The Lion King and Bugs Bunny. I have many collections. I collect anything to do with TLK and have a lot of toon shirts. I also seem to have a lot of computer junk, mostly Amiga stuff. I also collect stuffed animals,"plushies" as they are often called. I also really enjoy music. I love to just sit back and listen to a good CD, going to concerts is another thing I really enjoy. I also play the Piano and many percussion instruments like the Timpani and Djembe. Also I am slowly teaching myself to play the bass. That pretty much sums me up... well not really but its a start.. Hakuna Matata!

9/27/98 Okay damn its been a few days over 2 years since this page has been touched... here are some links to some pics. From the All Star Mascot Challenge mascot pics and pics of most of my plushies plushie pics. The very nice drawing (c. JK 1998) of my character SnowFox to the left was done by a friend of mine.

3/21/07 I'm back.. lol 9 years this time.

tiggerfox's Site

3/11/99 Here are some links to some pics I have made or taken around the house.

jaguar - tigger - more plush pics - misc pics - pics form work - pics form my room

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